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Children and Diabetes

If your child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he or she will need a lifetime of expert care. As a parent, you have a crucial role to play in helping your child learn to manage the condition, and to live a full and happy life with diabetes. In fact, you and your child both need to become experts on diabetes. And at the London Diabetes Centre, we are here to help you achieve that, providing expertise on children and diabetes.

Globally, it’s type 2 diabetes that is increasing at an alarming rate. But most children and teenagers with diabetes are affected by type 1 diabetes.

It’s a condition that demands a lifetime of care and expert management, in order to prevent it from causing serious complications.

Dedicated to your child’s healthy future

At the London Diabetes Centre, our expert team is dedicated to helping children and young people with diabetes – and their parents – learn how to manage their condition successfully, and lead happy, healthy lives.

We have a specialist team of highly skilled paediatric consultants; in addition within our team we have dieticians, clinical psychologists and diabetes specialist nurses all dealing with younger people.

Education -Through providing education, all our experts work together to provide the child and parents with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their condition.

School Visits – We offer individual school visits to support and educate the child’s school team to maintain the individual care plan.

The Latest Technology – We develop individualised care plans for children with diabetes that often incorporate education, blood glucose monitors, continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps. Many of the latest monitors can be monitored and downloaded remotely to give added reassurance for parents.

Transitional care plans from childhood to adult care – We understand that as the patient gets older their requirements will change and our team are experts in supporting this process.

No one understands diabetes better than we do; which is why people from all over the world come to the London Diabetes Centre, to benefit from the unique breadth and depth of our experience.

We look forward to sharing our understanding and knowledge with you and your child.



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