Losing weight can be a daunting and difficult task, but it can have major benefits in terms of your health and wellbeing.

In fact, research shows that losing just 5-10% of total body weight can have significant health benefits leading to improvement in glycaemic control, a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A little bit of weight loss can go a long way to improving your quality of life and life expectancy.

How we can help you lose weight

The most common cause of obesity is when more calories are consumed, than burned off. This excess energy is stored in the body as fat.

Although over-eating and physical inactivity are the main drivers of obesity, some other factors can play a role:

  • genetics
  • medications
  • psychological factors
  • poor sleep quality

A personal approach to helping you take control

At the London Diabetes Centre, we take a tailored approach to weight loss. We’ll assess your risk factors, past medical and social history and current lifestyle, and then provide the help and support you need, on a personal one-to-one basis.

We’ll help you to take control of your weight, and improve your general health. And we’ll put our team of experts on the case – not just consultants, who will assess your medical risk factors, and consider medication if appropriate; but also psychologists and cognitive behaviour therapists, sleep apnoea specialists, and physiotherapists.

A healthy eating programme that’s right for you

Of course, we’ll also focus on diet – by far the single most important factor in weight management.

Working closely with you, one of our expert dietitians will tailor a personalised menu programme that’s exactly right for you, also taking into account healthy eating, behaviour change, increasing movement and exercise and improving quality of sleep.