Weight Management

Weight management and diabetes

Whether or not you have diabetes, losing weight is one of the very best things you can do for your health. But it can seem a daunting challenge. At the London Diabetes Centre, we’re here to provide all the expert help and support you need to develop – and follow – a truly personalised weight management programme.

By putting your trust in The London Diabetes Centre, you get:

  • World-class expertise from our leading team of academic and clinical opinion-leaders and consultants in the field of weight management
  • Access to the latest state-of-the-art treatments for obesity, as soon as evidence of their safety and effectiveness is obtained, by our clinicians who are involved in their development and clinical trials
  • Access to expert support from many different specialities, under one roof
  • Proven expertise in helping you manage your eating patterns and achieve an agreed long term weight maintenance goal
  • Information and support via apps, email and Skype, to keep in contact with you and help you throughout your journey
  • Expertise in bariatric surgery – in cases where obesity has reached a serious health-endangering level. There is much evidence now to support this kind of surgical intervention in terms of health benefits, life expectancy and safety. Referrals will be made to Mr Ahmed Ahmed, who is the head of the Bariatric Surgery Unit at Imperial College.

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