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Dr Dane Duncan

DClinPsy BSc Hons.

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A Highly Specialist Consultant Clinical Psychologist, HCPC registered, with 13 years experience in child and family NHS services including working in a diabetes and endocrine team at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Hello my name is Dane,

I am a Highly Specialist Consultant Clinical Psychologist, HCPC registered, with 13 years experience in child and family NHS services including working in a diabetes and endocrine team at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Finding the right support can be daunting. People often report that they choose Clinical Psychologists over other excellent options like psychotherapists, counselling psychologists or life coaches due to their breadth and depth of training, their ability to hold complexity, their rigorous experience across the life span and diverse experience in multiple therapeutic methods. This wealth of expertise allows us to tailor sessions to align with your needs and aspirations.
Life with diabetes is akin to a profound journey, not just a medical condition. As a Clinical Psychologist specialising in diabetes care, I’m here to be your guide on this path, whether you’re an adult with diabetes or a parent looking after a child with this condition. Together, we will embark on this journey, not only to navigate diabetes but also to discover the resilience and strength to thrive with it.

Setting Out on The Journey

This journey begins at the crossroads of your physical health, where you’ll need to make choices to balance blood glucose levels, manage medications, and navigate potential complications. You don’t have to traverse this road alone; I’ll be your steady companion, ensuring each step is taken with care. I will ask you questions about your diabetes life before providing you with tailored and bespoke resource pack and information for your journey.

As you venture into this world, you may encounter dietary restrictions, like stop signs along the route. We’ll explore ways for you to enjoy your favourite meals while staying on the right path towards a healthy diet, so you can savour life’s flavours without losing your way.

Responding to Hazards and Obstacles

Your journey might take you through the wilderness of stress and anxiety, where diabetes-related worries can create storms on the route. With our journey together, we’ll discover ways to weather these emotional storms and find a safe haven for your peace of mind.

Navigating social stigma can be like traversing rocky terrain, full of obstacles and unexpected twists. We’ll navigate through any potential misunderstandings, judgments, or potential isolation that could maybe occur when others may not fully comprehend diabetes. Together, we’ll create a shelter of resilience, empowering you to face these challenges with courage and grace.

Frequent medical appointments may disrupt the flow of your journey, but with guidance, we’ll make these necessary stops more manageable and transform them into milestones along your path.

Facing Storms and Seeking Shelter

Emotions can be like the storms that occasionally threaten to derail your journey. We’ll navigate these emotional tempests effectively, ensuring they don’t veer you off course.

You might struggle to find time and energy for exercise along this route, much like dealing with steep inclines or challenging terrains. With our support, we’ll help you forge a well-constructed route, allowing you to incorporate physical activity seamlessly into your journey.

If sleep is disrupted, we’ll explore strategies to ensure that your sleep patterns remain a tranquil place, even amidst the ups and downs of your journey, resting spots can be important.

In the Footsteps of Others

In the realm of effects, you may encounter fellow travellers who have faced similar challenges on this journey. We’ll provide you with the wisdom of those who have danced along this path before you, helping you manage and understand these experiences more effectively.

The Path to Shelter and Safety

A psychologist can help people to connect with a supportive diabetes community to share experiences, find emotional support, and draw strength from others who understand your challenges. This community can be a shelter during potential storms, providing you with a sense of belonging on this winding road.

Enjoying the Scenic Route

Discovering relaxation techniques that work for you, can reduce stress and enhance your well-being, much like finding the scenic route. Maintaining a balanced diet, staying active, and enjoying a healthier and happier life with guidance from our sessions can make the journey not just a path to follow, but an adventure.

Along the way we can document your feelings and experiences, allowing you to process emotions and gain clarity, much like a travel journal.

A Compass and Map for the Route Ahead

Psychology sessions can help you to know your core values, that is what you find important and what you hold in high regard. These values will be a compass for you, long after psychology sessions. Much like charting your course, these values will also help you navigate the route ahead with more certainty and less stress.

Remember that diabetes doesn’t define who you are as a person, and I will support you in being kind to yourself as you navigate this expansive journey. Together, we will continue to explore, learn, and grow, ensuring that you not only manage diabetes effectively but also thrive and lead a fulfilling life along this remarkable journey.