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Amputation prevention

Worried about potential risk of amputation?

Over time diabetes can damage the nerves and affect the circulation. The feet can be particularly vulnerable to ulcers and infections, which are hard to heal and may lead to amputation. Excellent diabetes management and thorough foot care can prevent foot sores. The London Diabetes Centre offers cutting-edge diabetes treatment, specialist chiropody, early identification of nerve damage and the support you need to gain control over your condition.

State-of-the-art screening for neuropathy

Diabetes can cause nerve damage in the feet which increases the risk of foot sores. The London Diabetes Centre offers revolutionary screening tests to assess nerve damage, so that you know to take extra care.

When nerves are damaged by diabetes, they can either become less or more sensitive. Less sensitive nerves don’t send feelings of pain, heat, or cold to the brain as easily, and you could also feel a sense of heaviness or numbness. Nerves which are more sensitive may cause feelings of pain, heat, numbness, or tingling from the weight of clothing or bedding.

The symptoms may come and go, but many people do not notice if the sensation is gradually decreasing, which is when problems can arise. The London Diabetes Centre have introduced the first quantitative screening service in the UK for diabetic neuropathy. The comprehensive assessment includes quantitative vibrametry, warm and cold thermal thresholds to test specific nerve fibres and a cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy test.

Working together to control your diabetes

The best way to prevent the long-term complications of diabetes is to keep tight control over blood sugar levels. Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, monitoring glucose carefully and taking the right treatment can help reduce the risk of nerve damage and foot problems.

The London Diabetes Centre are leaders in modern diabetes care. The specialist multidisciplinary team can offer the latest sensors, pumps, medication and support to help you take control of your diabetes.

First-class foot care

When you have diabetes it’s important to take care of your feet. When a sore or ulcer develops, prompt and effective treatment can make all the difference. Most amputations start with foot ulcers that don’t heal.

The London Diabetes Centre's specialist chiropodists can help treat any callouses, corns and other foot problems. They can also guide you on the best ways of keeping your feet healthy.


Circulation checking

Narrowing to the arteries to the feet can cause pain on walking and lead to poor healing of ulcers. Your consultant at The London Diabetes Centre can assess the peripheral circulation by measuring the Ankle and Toe Brachial Index (ABPI). This is the ratio of the blood pressure in the lower legs to the blood pressure in the arms. It’s a painless, non-invasive and simple assessment that can help identify circulation issues before foot problems develop.

Other factors can also increase the risk of developing foot problems and requiring amputation. Smoking, poor diabetic control, hypertension, foot deformities, corns and callouses are all factors. The experts at The London Diabetes Centre can help treat any health problems and support you in making the lifestyle changes needed to maintain your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cutting your toenails seems like a simple enough task. But with diabetes it’s a serious business. A slip of the scissors could cause problems. Cut them regularly with nail clippers, but don’t go too short. Cut straight across, never curve or go down at the edges and gently smooth any rough edges with an emery board. Keep them clean with a nail brush, never use anything sharp to clean behind the nail. If in doubt, see one of The London Diabetes Centre’s expert chiropodists.

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