Brittle diabetes

Worried about brittle diabetes?

Brittle diabetes is a term used to describe type 1 diabetes that is particularly difficult to control. If you have brittle diabetes you’re likely to experience frequent, dramatic swings in blood glucose levels and are at risk of dangerous periods of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia.

Brittle diabetes is not just frustrating, it can have serious implications for your current and future health. The London Diabetes Centre provides customised, comprehensive diabetes care. The expert multidisciplinary team offer cutting-edge implantable blood glucose monitors, the latest pumps and specialist support and training to help you take control of your diabetes

The signs of brittle diabetes

Many people with type 1 diabetes have times when their blood glucose levels are a little erratic. People with brittle diabetes have diabetes that is very difficult to control and can disrupt life and lead to recurrent or prolonged periods in hospital. It’s common to notice:

  • Sudden sharp changes in blood glucose without a clear trigger.
  • Frequent recordings of very high and very low blood glucose levels.
  • Increased episodes of ketoacidosis or severe hypoglycaemia.

Uncontrolled blood glucose levels can cause dangerous diabetes emergencies in the short term and can also increase the risk of developing the long-term complications of the disease. However, specialist support and the latest technological advances from the London Diabetes Centre can help you effectively manage your brittle diabetes.

Continuous glucose monitors

Careful glucose monitoring is a key factor in controlling blood glucose levels. The London Diabetes Centre offers the latest continuous glucose monitors (CGM), including implantable devices so that you can actively manage your diabetes.

CGM reduces the need for painful finger-pricking, monitors your sugar levels while you sleep and allows you to observe trends over time. Devices are available with alarms to notify you of hypos and hypers, so that you can take swift and appropriate action.


Pumps deliver small amounts of hormone into the bloodstream twenty-four hours a day. The dose is modified to match your body’s needs.

New developments enable controlled delivery to balance concurrent blood sugar levels, reacting to prevent hypoglycaemia and to limit glucose rises.

NHS restrictions limit pump availability and selection. The consultant diabetologists and specialist nurses at the London Diabetes Centre provide expert assessment, a wide-range of the most up-to-date pumps and a tailored training programme so that you can get your glucose levels under control

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