Worried about prediabetes?

Prediabetes is also known as borderline diabetes. It is a metabolic condition in which the amount of glucose in the blood is higher than normal, but not yet at the level at which diabetes is diagnosed.

Prediabetes is closely linked to obesity and one in three adults in the UK is thought to have the condition. If not treated effectively, prediabetes can develop into type 2 diabetes, which is associated with serious long-term health complications.

Being diagnosed with prediabetes can be frightening, but with lifestyle changes, weight management and specialist support you can reverse the condition. The London Diabetes Centre offers cutting-edge screening, expert education and the support that will help you to reverse prediabetes and protect your future health.

Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes

Prediabetes, when discovered early, is a crucial stage for the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle changes and dietary modifications at this time can help slow down or prevent the development of diabetes.

It is possible to take decisive action on your own, however it can be tough without support and guidance. The London Diabetes Centre provides customised dietary advice and a helping hand at every step of the way.

A dedicated team of experienced consultants, dietitians, and diabetes specialist nurses will work closely with you to provide nutritional advice, set targets, advise on safe exercise programmes and monitor your progress.

How do you test for prediabetes?

Most people with prediabetes are totally unaware that they have the condition. It usually presents with no warning signs or symptoms until it progresses into type 2 diabetes.

The London Diabetes Centre offers specialist screening for prediabetes, so that it can be identified at an early stage and you can be supported to reverse the condition. Blood tests available to evaluate:

  • Your fasting blood glucose level
  • HbA1c, your average blood glucose over the previous 3 months, with results available in the clinic in less than 10 minutes.

An oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) to check your blood glucose response after a sugar drink.

Prediabetes care at The London Diabetes Centre

There is evidence that people with prediabetes can delay and prevent the development of type 2 diabetes by changing their diet and increasing the amount of exercise they do.

The specialists at London Medical can support you to lose weight, decrease your glucose levels and improve your health & wellbeing. London Medical provides tailored treatment programme, with individualise dietary advice and meal plans developed according to your lifestyle and needs.

Support Plans

Risk Assessment

A 30-minute consultation with a DSN or diabetes dietitian
Diabetes risk questionnaire
Height, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c blood test and Body Composition Analysis

Our plan is designed for patients who have not been diagnosed with diabetes who want to check their current health status and understand if they are at risk of developing diabetes.

Second Opinion

A 45-minute diabetes consultant consultation with written report
A 60-minute diabetes dietitian or DSN appointment
Height, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c blood test and glucose test

Our plan is designed for recently diagnosed patients who are unsure about their diagnosis and need a second opinion or need help deciding on their care plan.


A 45-minute diabetes consultant consultation with written report
A 60-minute diabetes dietitian or DSN appointment
Height, Weight & Blood Pressure, HBA1c, Blood Glucose, Urine Alb/Cr and other tests

This Gold Standard in diabetes assessment will cover most people’s fundamental requirements for diabetes care.


45 minute consultation with Diabetes Consultant to discuss the results and provide a written report
Advanced Lipoprotein Analysis
An OCT - Optical coherence tomography, Ankle and Toe Brachial Index and DEXA scan

This premium plan includes an in depth assessment of your diabetes status and also your wider health risks concerning cholesterol and metabolic health

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