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Risks of type 1 diabetes

Diabetes Risks

Diabetes is described as the’ fastest growing threat to our nation’s health’ and we appreciate there is a great deal of media coverage concerning the condition as as medical professionals face the impact of this epidemic. The London Diabetes Centre offers clear and transparent advice and care for people diagnosed with diabetes and also for people who may be worried about their diabetes status.

“The prevalence of diabetes is nearly three times higher than the prevalence of all cancers combined”

(Source: Quality and Outcomes Framework, Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2010–2015)

Diabetes is a fast-growing disease and has been described as the greatest threat to our nation’s health. Numbers of those diagnosed with diabetes have soared over the last 20 years. Most of this increase arises from type 2 diabetes. Government estimates suggest that almost a million people actually have type 2 diabetes and don’t even realise it, yet the risks to their health are serious.

Diabetes is a complex and demanding life-long condition but it should not prevent you from living a normal, healthy life. Having diabetes presents unique problems as it is profoundly affected by when and what you eat, by your activity level and by stress. That is why good care relies heavily on education, support and consultant experience – factors that set the London Diabetes Centre apart from other diabetes clinics and which underpin our success.


We have developed options for your initial visit that are straight forward to understand, allow access to the leading experts in the field of diabetes with no hidden charges. At any time our expert team is available for you to call or email and we are happy to talk through these options or any level of bespoke care you may be interested in.

Diabetes Risk Assessment
Second Opinion
London Diabetes Centre Protocol
London Diabetes Centre Premium Package

Support Plans

Risk Assessment

A 30-minute consultation with a DSN or diabetes dietitian
Diabetes risk questionnaire
Height, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c blood test and Body Composition Analysis

Our plan is designed for patients who have not been diagnosed with diabetes who want to check their current health status and understand if they are at risk of developing diabetes.

Second Opinion

A 45-minute diabetes consultant consultation with written report
A 60-minute diabetes dietitian or DSN appointment
Height, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c blood test and glucose test

Our plan is designed for recently diagnosed patients who are unsure about their diagnosis and need a second opinion or need help deciding on their care plan.


A 45-minute diabetes consultant consultation with written report
A 60-minute diabetes dietitian or DSN appointment
Height, Weight & Blood Pressure, HBA1c, Blood Glucose, Urine Alb/Cr and other tests

This Gold Standard in diabetes assessment will cover most people’s fundamental requirements for diabetes care.


45 minute consultation with Diabetes Consultant to discuss the results and provide a written report
Advanced Lipoprotein Analysis
An OCT - Optical coherence tomography, Ankle and Toe Brachial Index and DEXA scan

This premium plan includes an in depth assessment of your diabetes status and also your wider health risks concerning cholesterol and metabolic health

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Carol Willis - Diabetes Clinic Facilitator

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