Blood sugar monitoring for type 2 diabetics

Manage your diabetes with confidence

Careful glucose monitoring is key to controlling blood sugar levels, maintaining health and reducing the complications of diabetes. The expert professionals at The London Diabetes Centre offer the very latest technologies and treatments for diabetes. The multidisciplinary team can recommend an up-to-date device or recommend a continuous glucose monitor, so that you can actively manage your diabetes simply and with confidence.

The latest technology for accurate glucose monitoring

Regular glucose testing will help you learn how food, stress, exercise and other factors affect your sugar levels. This can help you and your specialist team adjust treatment, plan meals and keep your diabetes under control.

Technology is making understanding and analysing glucose readings much easier. Apps on smartphones or watches can help you keep an eye on your glucose trends. The London Diabetes Centre also encourages patients to work with the diabetes team to improve their control, by sharing glucose readings using Diasend, a web-based diabetes management system.

In addition to monitoring your own glucose levels, the specialist diabetes team at The London Diabetes Centre will arrange an HbA1c blood test every three to six months. It provides a picture of what your average blood glucose has been over the previous few months. The test is always available in our clinic, with results ready in less than within ten minutes. The team aim for a result of below 6.5%, a level that will protect your health and reduce the risk of diabetes complications.

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)?

Continuous glucose monitoring or CGM uses an implanted device to automatically measure the blood sugar levels, every few minutes, 24 hours a day. Finger prick tests provide a snap-shot of your blood glucose levels. Nobody enjoys finger prick tests done as many as 8-10 times a day. The information is difficult to interpret in relation to food intake or exercise. With hundreds of glucose measurements per day CGM offers a fuller picture, even when you’re asleep.

The London Diabetes Centre has access to a full range of manufacturers and sensors. The experienced diabetes specialist nurses can help you choose the one that best suits your personal lifestyle and preferences. The Guardian Connect, Abbott Navigator, Dexcom G5, Medtrum A6 can all make monitoring your glucose and managing your diabetes easier. Research suggests that using a CGM can help reduce your Hba1c without the risk of hypoglycaemia.

Flash glucose monitoring is also possible with the FreeStyle Libre system. A smartphone app can scan the sensor and show how your sugar levels are changing over time. Unlike the CGM system, there is no alarm to highlight hypos or hypers, however it can be a cost-effective option.

Support Plans

Risk Assessment

A 30-minute consultation with a DSN or diabetes dietitian
Diabetes risk questionnaire
Height, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c blood test and Body Composition Analysis

Our plan is designed for patients who have not been diagnosed with diabetes who want to check their current health status and understand if they are at risk of developing diabetes.

Second Opinion

A 45-minute diabetes consultant consultation with written report
A 60-minute diabetes dietitian or DSN appointment
Height, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c blood test and glucose test

Our plan is designed for recently diagnosed patients who are unsure about their diagnosis and need a second opinion or need help deciding on their care plan.


A 45-minute diabetes consultant consultation with written report
A 60-minute diabetes dietitian or DSN appointment
Height, Weight & Blood Pressure, HBA1c, Blood Glucose, Urine Alb/Cr and other tests

This Gold Standard in diabetes assessment will cover most people’s fundamental requirements for diabetes care.


45 minute consultation with Diabetes Consultant to discuss the results and provide a written report
Advanced Lipoprotein Analysis
An OCT - Optical coherence tomography, Ankle and Toe Brachial Index and DEXA scan

This premium plan includes an in depth assessment of your diabetes status and also your wider health risks concerning cholesterol and metabolic health

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