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Diabetes remission

Gain control over your diabetes and protect your future with the UK’s most trusted diabetes clinic

Type 2 diabetes often requires lifelong diabetes medication and has serious implications for your health and longevity. However, for many people with diabetes, changes to diet and lifestyle can return blood sugar levels to the normal range. The expert professionals at The London Diabetes Centre can help you put your type 2 diabetes into remission so that you can stop taking medication and safeguard your future.

Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is frightening. The consequences for health, finances and quality of life can seem worrying. At this stressful time, The London Diabetes Centre can offer cutting-edge treatment, education and the support you need to gain control over your condition.

Achieving diabetes remission

Your diabetes is said to be in remission when the blood sugar stays at a healthy level, without the need for diabetes medication. Remission means that diabetes can return, with increasing weight or illness or time. There is evidence that (Omit) remission of type 2 diabetes, lasting for about 2 years, can be achieved for many people living with the condition. In people who are overweight, sustained weight loss of around 15 kg can restore blood glucose to below diabetic levels, reduce the risk of developing complications and improve life expectancy. Not everyone is suitable for this treatment but if you are overweight and not hormone deficient, it is an option. Techniques using endoscopy and duodenal mucosa resurfacing are now also available at The London Diabetes Centre with the need for repeat treatments every 2 years.

How can The London Diabetes Centre help?

Diabetes remission is easier to achieve soon after diagnosis, so it’s important to act quickly. By investing in your health and making changes, you can improve your quality of life and protect your future. But embarking on the remission journey isn’t easy. The London Diabetes Centre can provide customised dietary advice, guidance and a helping hand every step of the way.

A dedicated team of experienced consultants, dietitians, and diabetes specialist nurses will work closely with you to provide nutritional advice, set targets and monitor your progress and safety.

Making a difference to your life and your future

With 28 years of experience in diabetes care, the specialists at The London Diabetes Centre have seen that losing weight and putting your diabetes into remission can be life-changing. Losing weight improves diabetes control for most people and (OMIT) improves health, boosts wellbeing (OMIT).

Not everyone who loses weight will be able to achieve remission, but there are still health benefits. When you’re overweight, losing some of the extra kilos can help reduce your medication, improve your blood sugar levels and protect against the long-term health complications of diabetes


Individual weight loss support from experts

There are many different ways to lose weight. Evidence shows that people have put their diabetes into remission by following the Mediterranean diet, using low-carbohydrate approaches or by adhering to a strict plan restricting intake to 600 or 800 calories a day.

Different approaches will suit different people. The London Diabetes Centre care for the individual. Dietary advice and meal plans will be developed according to your needs, your health and your lifestyle. The London Diabetes Centre offers the SmartWeight programme, devised and directed by an expert team with over 30 years’ experience in managing weight problems. This programme offers a personalised approach using a combination of fresh food advice, prepared delivered food that is ketogenic and of defined calorie content, and weight loss medication.

Smartweight focuses on helping you lose weight and sustain a healthy weight forever. Taking a more holistic approach, it addresses your relationship with food and offers medication not available on the NHS, customised dietary advice, or a comprehensive meal replacement programme depending on your specific requirements and targets

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