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The London Diabetes Centre

Why choose The London Diabetes Centre?

Your diabetes is a complex condition. So, either immediately or over time, you may need a very wide range of specialist, highly personalised care and treatment. You’ll find it here at the UK’s only true private “one-stop” diabetes clinic.

At the London Diabetes Centre, we offer something not available at any other private outpatient clinic in the UK. Here, under one roof, we have not just the finest facilities, but a single team that brings together cutting edge expertise in every aspect of diabetes care; leading specialists in their areas, working alongside each other – in a genuinely “joined-up” way.

All the expertise you’ll ever need

That team includes not just 12 renowned consultant diabetologists, with expertise in different aspects of the condition, but also three Senior Diabetes Educators and Dietitians, an Administrator, and the support of the London Medical Ophthalmology department.

Chiropody services are available, too. And other specialists who consult in the clinic include vascular surgeons, gastroenterologists, nephrologists, cardiologists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, sleep apnoea specialists, hepatologists, and endocrinologists.


Better equipped to care for you

We’re equally proud of our one-stop facilities. Everything you could possibly need is available here at our state-of-the-art clinic.

We even have our own pharmacy, which stocks a wide range of equipment for diabetes care – including meters, strips, lancets, pumps, and glucose sensors – as well as all the latest medicines, some of them not readily available elsewhere.

Better connected care since 1991

Ever since we started back in 1991, it’s been our goal to provide diabetes patients with a truly comprehensive approach to every aspect of their ongoing care and wellbeing; one in which everything you need comes together and connects, seamlessly.

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