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Insulin pumps

Insulin pumps help you to keep your diabetes under control

Insulin pumps can help you fit diabetes around your life and minimise the risk of long term complications. One of the main reasons why a person with diabetes will choose to have their insulin delivered through an insulin pump is the recent development of methods by which the concurrent glucose levels can control insulin delivery – reacting to prevent hypoglycaemia and to limit glucose rises. The London Diabetes Centre offers the latest cutting-edge insulin pumps from Medtronic, Omnipod, Tandem, Ypsomed, Accuchek, Dana and Medtrum alongside a tailored training programme and the support you need to get your diabetes under control.

What is an insulin pump?

An insulin pump is a battery operated device that delivers small amounts of insulin into the bloodstream twenty-four hours a day. The insulin dose can be modified to match your body’s needs, offering more flexibility around meals, fewer hypos and more stable blood glucose levels.

The insulin pump is attached to the body by a tiny tube, called a cannula. It is inserted just under the skin and needs to be changed regularly. The insulin pump delivers a steady background or basal level of insulin, you can add more, as a bolus, at mealtimes using the device.

Why should you choose London Diabetes Centre to provide your insulin pump?

The right insulin pump can allow you to take control of your diabetes and live life to the full. NHS restrictions mean that many people in the UK are unable to get a pump, or may be offered a device that doesn’t best meet their needs. The London Diabetes Centre provides expert assessment, a wide-range of the most up-to-date insulin pumps and the education needed to ensure you can use the pump properly.

Finding the right insulin pump

An insulin pump from The London Diabetes Centre can revolutionise your life. The expert diabetes team of consultant diabetologists, dietitians, and diabetes specialist nurses will work closely with you to provide nutritional advice, teach you how to count the carbs in your diet and train you to use the pump safely.

What types of insulin pump are available?

Pumps vary in colour, battery life, screen size, features and type:

Tethered or line insulin pumps are attached to your body by a narrow tube that connects to the cannula. The pump is carried on a belt or body band or placed in a pocket. The London Diabetes Centre offers high-tech pumps which feature remote controls or smartphone apps. The cannula and the location of the pump should be changed every two to three days to prevent itching, rashes and lipohypertrophy.

Patch insulin pumps attach directly onto the body at the site of the cannula. They’re operated by remote control. The whole device has to be regularly changed, but the pump is designed to warn you when it’s time to do this.


Customised diabetes care and training from our expert diabetes team who will help you choose the pump that best meets your needs and lifestyle.

Pumps can be used by adults and children. They are especially useful if you give multiple daily doses of insulin and still struggle to control your highs and lows. It’s important that you understand how to count the carbs in your diet and adjust your insulin around eating and activity. However, the clinics experienced dieticians and diabetes specialist nurses will guide and support you every step of the way.

The clinic offers a tailor-made pump training programme. Everyone has different technical strengths, dexterity and knowledge. The team will ensure you receive the training time you require and will adapt the number of appointments to fit in with your schedule and your level of understanding.

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