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Announcing the new Omnipod® 5

The brand-new Omnipod® 5 is the first automatic insulin delivery system of its kind – a tubeless, hybrid closed-loop system that is integrated with the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. 

The Omnipod 5 and the Dexcom G6 CGM are in constant communication with each other using SmartAdjust™ technology which enables automatic insulin adjustments to keep your blood glucose levels in range.

What are the key benefits of the new Omnipod 5? 

  • Tubeless and waterproof
  • No multiple daily injections or fingersticks
  • Fully controlled by a compatible smartphone 
  • Helps protect you against highs and lows day and night
  • Continuously adapts to your personal needs
  • CE marked for people with Type 1 diabetes over the age of two

Learn more about whether the Omnipod 5 could be right for you.

Insulin pumps 

The London Diabetes Centre is a leading provider of the latest insulin pump technologies in the UK, offering and offers a wide range of devices for diabetes management to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.  

Choosing the right technology for you can be confusing, but our team of renowned consultant diabetologists and leading specialists are on hand to provide unparalleled support and expert guidance throughout your diabetes management journey. 

Insulin pumps help you to keep your diabetes under control

  • Effectively manage your diabetes with the latest technology 
  • Rapid access to a comprehensive range of insulin pumps 
  • Experts in onboarding for kids and adults 
  • Let us support you throughout your journey 

Insulin pumps can help you fit diabetes around your life and minimise the risk of long term complications.

You may be considering moving to insulin pump therapy because you've heard about the recent developments in hybrid closed loop systems otherwise known as an artificial pancreas. In these systems the insulin pump automatically adjusts your insulin delivery according to information it receives from a continuous glucose sensor which you wear continuously – reacting to prevent hypoglycaemia and limiting rises in your blood glucose.

The London Diabetes Centre offers the latest cutting-edge insulin pumps from Medtronic, Omnipod, Tandem andYpsomed alongside a tailored training programme giving you the support you need to get your diabetes under control. 

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What is an insulin pump?

  • A small device that provides insulin 24 hours a day 
  • ​Attached to a cannula and inserted into the skin 
  • Changed every 2–3 days  
  • Automatically adjusts your insulin dose for flexibility and freedom 

An insulin pump is a battery-operated or rechargeable device that delivers small amounts of insulin into the bloodstream twenty-four hours a day. The insulin dose can be modified to match your body’s needs, offering more flexibility around meals, fewer hypos ​(hypoglycaemic episodes) and more stable blood glucose levels. 

The insulin pump is attached to the body by a tiny tube, called a cannula. It is inserted just under the skin and needs to be changed every 2-3 days. The insulin pump uses only quick acting soluble insulin and delivers a steady background or basal level of insulin. However, you will need to deliver additional insulin for meals using the insulin pump. 

Why should you choose London Diabetes Centre to provide your insulin pump?

  • Leading providers of pump technology — at the forefront of innovation 
  • Timely process – you could be seen, assessed and started within 1 2 weeks 
  • Freedom of choice to purchase the latest cutting-edge technologies and devices to help you better manage your diabetes 
  • Expert advice and support throughout your diabetes care 
  • Onboarding for children and adults 
  • Ongoing education and support

The clinic offers a flexible, tailor-made pump training programme because we understand that e​veryone has different technical strengths, dexterity and knowledge. And our friendly and knowledgeable team will ensure you receive the training time you need and will adapt the number of appointments to fit in with your schedule and your level of understanding.  

The right insulin pump can allow you to take control of your diabetes and live life to the full.

Speak with a member of our specialist team for further information. 

Finding the right insulin pump

  • Revolutionise your life 
  • Let our team of experts support you 

An insulin pump from The London Diabetes Centre can revolutionise your life. Our expert diabetes team of consultant diabetologists, dietitians, and diabetes specialist nurses will work closely with you on all aspects of your diabetes management. As part of your diabetes management journey with us, our specialists provide nutritional advice, teach you how to count the carbs in your diet and train you to use the pump safely.  

What types of insulin pump are available?

We’re proud to provide rapid access a comprehensive range of the latest pump technology at The London Diabetes Centre.  

Pumps vary inbattery life, screen size, features and type, but there are broadly two types of pumps:

Tubed insulin pumps are attached to your body by thin tubing that carries the insulin from the pump to the cannula inserted under the skin. The pump is carried in a body pouch, belt, clipped onto clothes or placed in your pocket. The London Diabetes Centre offers high-tech pumps which feature smartphone apps. The cannula and the location of the pump should be changed every two to three days to prevent itching, rashes and skin changes  and ensure effective insulin delivery. 

Patch insulin pumps attach directly to the skin with the canula concealed under the device, the pod or pump contains a reservoir of insulin, They’re operated by remote control. The whole pod/patch has to be changed every two to three days.   The only one available is the Omnipod and the hybrid closed loop Omnipod 5 is expected here later this year. 

Customised diabetes care and training from our expert diabetes team who will help you choose the pump that best meets your needs and lifestyle. 

Pumps can be used by adults and children. They are especially useful if you give multiple daily doses of insulin and still struggle to control your highs and lows. It’s important that you understand how to count the carbs in your diet and adjust your insulin around eating and activity. However, our clinic's experienced dieticians and diabetes specialist nurses will guide and support you every step of the way. 

The clinic offers a tailor-made pump training programme. Everyone has different technical strengths, dexterity and knowledge. The team will ensure you receive the training time you require and will adapt the number of appointments to fit in with your schedule and your level of understanding. 

Our pumps & systems

  • Convenient and discreet 
  • Wireless, tubeless technology  
  • State-of-the-art insulin pump 

The Omnipod® 5 is a state-of-the-art automated insulin delivery system. It’s the only tubeless hybrid closed-loop insulin pump integrated with the Dexcom G6 CGM. 

Learn more about OmniPod® 5 insulin pumps here

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Patient testimonials

Firstly I would like to thank you and your team for the warm welcome, it was unlike any other experience I have had regarding my diabetes and overall incredibly positive.

Meeting Professor Choudhary was a real eye opener and I thank you again for making the recommendation.

I have gained invaluable knowledge, my confidence is boosted and in turn my blood sugars are already in better balance. My gratitude to the whole team.

- Patient with Type 1 diabetes

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Support Plans

Risk Assessment

A 30-minute consultation with a DSN or diabetes dietitian
Diabetes risk questionnaire
Height, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c blood test and Body Composition Analysis

Our plan is designed for patients who have not been diagnosed with diabetes who want to check their current health status and understand if they are at risk of developing diabetes.

Second Opinion

A 45-minute diabetes consultant consultation with written report
A 60-minute diabetes dietitian or DSN appointment
Height, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c blood test and glucose test

Our plan is designed for recently diagnosed patients who are unsure about their diagnosis and need a second opinion or need help deciding on their care plan.


A 45-minute diabetes consultant consultation with written report
A 60-minute diabetes dietitian or DSN appointment
Height, Weight & Blood Pressure, HBA1c, Blood Glucose, Urine Alb/Cr and other tests

This Gold Standard in diabetes assessment will cover most people’s fundamental requirements for diabetes care.


45 minute consultation with Diabetes Consultant to discuss the results and provide a written report
Advanced Lipoprotein Analysis
An OCT - Optical coherence tomography, Ankle and Toe Brachial Index and DEXA scan

This premium plan includes an in depth assessment of your diabetes status and also your wider health risks concerning cholesterol and metabolic health

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