Closed-loop Insulin Systems

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How to access Insulin Pumps?

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Innovative closed-loop systems to control blood sugars and help people with type 1 diabetes live better lives.

The London Diabetes Centre offers revolutionary hybrid and closed-loop systems for managing your type 1 diabetes. The system, also called an artificial pancreas, has long been a dream and is now a reality, taking decision making on dosing away from the patient and helping improve the percentage time with a normal glucose while reducing stress.

The London Diabetes Centre uses the CamAPS® FX, as well as tandem control IQ ann Medtronic 780G which harness the latest technology to manage your diabetes, protect against long term complications and safeguard your future health. This is a paid app which we are able to set up for you to work in tandem with the hybrid closed loop system.

What is a closed-loop system?

A closed-loop system uses a smartphone app to automatically adjust the insulin delivery on your pump based on the glucose readings from a continuous glucose sensor.

CamAPS® FX runs on Android devices. It is designed to adapt to your needs. The intelligent system learns from your readings and adjusts according to your insulin requirements. However, you also have the freedom to change settings when required.

The system has been comprehensively tested and is approved for use in the UK and across the European Union. Clinical trials have demonstrated that closed-loop insulin delivery provides better control, a reduced HbA1c, fewer low and high glucose spikes, and improved wellbeing for people whose diabetes control is sub-optimal

Even with advanced systems such as the t:slim X2™ insulin pump with Control-IQ® technology, patients are still responsible for actively managing their diabetes. Control-IQ technology does not prevent all high and low blood glucose events. The system is designed to help reduce glucose variability, but it requires that patients accurately input information, such as meals and periods of sleep or exercise. Control-IQ technology will not function as intended unless all system components, including CGM, infusion sets and pump cartridges, are used as instructed. Importantly, the system cannot adjust insulin dosing if the pump is not receiving CGM readings. Since there are situations and emergencies that the system may not be capable of identifying or addressing, patients should always pay attention to their symptoms and treat accordingly.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and closed-loop systems

Continuous glucose monitoring or CGM automatically measures your blood sugar levels every few minutes, day and night. Finger-prick tests give a snap-shot of your blood glucose. CGM provides a fuller picture, even when you’re asleep.

CamAPX FX is compatible with the Dexcom G6, continuously measuring your glucose levels and sends data wirelessly to your smartphone through a transmitter. CGM can provide real-time, around-the-clock information about your glucose levels so that the closed-loop system can adjust the insulin your pump releases.

Insulin pumps and closed-loop systems

An insulin pump is a battery-operated device that delivers small amounts of insulin into the bloodstream twenty-four hours a day. CamAPX FX is compatible with the Dana Diabecare RS insulin pump, one of the world’s smallest and lightest pumps. The pump is attached to your body by a tiny tube, called a cannula, inserted just under the skin.

Your pump will work with the closed-loop system to provide the insulin your body needs, 24 hours a day. It can allow you to take control of your diabetes and live life to the full. The London Diabetes Centre provides expert assessment, cutting-edge pumps and the education needed to ensure you can use the pump and CamAPX FX effectively.


Pre-pump questionnaire

Before your appointment at The London Diabetes Centre, the team will ask you to complete a questionnaire. This helps the team understand your current insulin regime, the way you test your glucose, and your knowledge about diet, carbs and their impact on your insulin needs.

The questionnaire is not an examination that you pass or fail. It’s simply a way for your team to target your training so that you receive the very best care and support. The team will ensure you receive the training time you need and will adapt the number of appointments to fit in with your schedule and your level of understanding.

“Thank you so much. Installed and CIQ is on. Going to be honest – I cried as it gave the first correction bolus knowing how this will change my life.

Thank you to everyone”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the closed-loop system? Collapse

Closed-loop delivery is particularly helpful if you are struggling to achieve your blood glucose targets, have an unpredictable lifestyle, are pregnant, experience regular hypos, or get high glucose levels in the early mornings, the so-called ‘dawn effect.’ It may also appeal to those who want more freedom from the continual supervision that Type 1 diabetes requires.

The CamAPS FX app is licensed to help manage glucose levels in people with type 1 diabetes, aged one year and older. However, the CGM device is not approved for individuals under two years of age, so The London Diabetes Centre recommends closed-loop delivery for adults and children over 2.

Can I override the system if I know I’ll need more insulin? Expand

You can use the ‘Boost’ mode if more insulin is needed- if you’re inactive, ill or under stress. Using the app, you can set up the start time and duration of the boost. It’s essential to keep a close eye on your CGM when using boost, to make sure you don’t go too low. The system is flexible, so that you can change it at any time.

What do I do if I’m planning to exercise or miss a meal? Expand

The system has an ‘Ease-off’ mode. You can use it if you think you’ll need less insulin. You can input a start time and set the duration. As with boost mode, the system is flexible so that you can change it at any time.

Can I take off my pump sometimes, if I’m wearing something tight or if I have an important event, for example? Expand

The pump needs to be attached at all times to provide your body with the basal insulin it needs. It should only be removed for short breaks to swim, shower or bathe.

Will a closed-loop system and CGM mean I don’t have to finger prick? Expand

The CGM device measures glucose levels in the tissue fluid beneath the skin, not in the blood. You will need to finger-prick sometimes to calibrate the system- but it will be less frequently than without CGM.

Will the system let me know if my glucose is too high or too low? Expand

Yes, as well as being able to upload the data to Diasend, you can also set alarms and alerts from the app. If your glucose level exceeds the threshold level, a message will be displayed on the screen, warning you that your levels are too high or too low. The warning is accompanied by sound or vibration, so that you are notified in meetings or when you are asleep.

How much does an insulin pump cost?

The cost of buying an insulin pump privately will depend on the model you choose. Pumps usually cost between £2000 and £3000 and should last between four and eight years.

As well as the pump system, you will also need to budget for other consumable items, which can include infusion sets, replacement pods or cartridges for patch pumps, cannulas or insertion sets and adhesive or tape. Your insulin will still be prescribed, free of charge, on the NHS.

Private diabetes clinics

A private diabetes clinic like The London Diabetes Centre provides expert assessment, training and access to the most cutting edge insulin pumps as well as more basic and affordable options.

The London Diabetes Centre will customise your training so that you have the education and confidence to make the most of your pump and control your diabetes.


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