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DANA insulin pumps are small, intuitive and smart. The range includes the affordable Dana Diabecare IIS, the innovative DANA Diabecare RS and the cutting edge DANA Diabecare I insulin pump, an interoperable insulin pump with an intelligent glucose management system. It’s the world’s only insulin pump that can use your smartphone as a complete pump remote control.

What is the DANA I insulin pump?

The DANA Diabecare I insulin pump is an innovative device designed to deliver a stream of insulin under your skin at set and variable rates. The DANA I pump can help you effectively manage your diabetes and prevent diabetes complications.

The DANA I pump communicates with compatible digital devices reliably and securely. With easy-to-use automated insulin dosing software, you can administer bolus injections, change your background insulin, or stop supply when you’re having a hypo, quickly and simply through your smartphone.

DANA I insulin pump features

The DANA I pump is one of the smallest, lightest and most discreet pumps available. It is designed to be intelligent, intuitive, innovative and interoperable. The DANA I interacts securely and intelligently with smartphones and other approved Bluetooth devices, enabling it to be controlled remotely and work with closed-loop systems. It is the world’s first interoperable insulin pump, making meaningful connections with third-party devices and software to improve your blood sugar monitoring.

DANA I closed-loop system

The DANA I can be used as part of a closed-loop system. These innovative systems use a smartphone app to automatically adjust the insulin delivery on your pump based on the glucose readings from an implanted glucose sensor.

CamAPS® FX runs on Android devices. The intelligent app learns from your readings and adjusts according to your insulin requirements. However, you also have the freedom to change the settings whenever you need. Scientific studies have shown that closed-loop insulin delivery provides better control, a reduced HbA1c, fewer hypos and hypers, and improved wellbeing for people with suboptimal diabetes control.

The DANA I’s other features include:

  • Small, light and low profile, so that it is easily hidden in clothing
  • Fully remote-controlled from your smartphone
  • Intelligently designed menu system with features most often used towards the front of the user interface
  • Android or iOS applications are available, allowing use with your Android or iPhone
  • Bright LCD screen for easy visibility
  • A large 300 unit reservoir
  • Waterproof
  • Battery life of 3-4 weeks
  • Bolus increments from as little as 0.05 units
  • Low dexterity, the device is easy to connect with one hand
  • Body grip tape- the tape is activated by body heat which minimises sticky residue.
  • Flexible Catheter- the soft-release O is one of the smallest catheters on the market. Independent testing shows that it has minimum pain during insertion and more comfort during use
  • Vibration alerts and alarms

What is the DANA Diabecare RS Insulin Pump?

The DANA Diabecare RS Insulin pump is an intuitive tethered pump with remote control and blood glucose measuring.

DANA Diabecare RS insulin pump features

The DANA RS can also be used in a state-of-the-art closed-loop system. The intelligent closed-loop system includes a Dana RS Diabecare insulin pump, a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and an innovative app, the CamAPS FX. The App takes the data from CGM and works out the insulin needed, and instructs the pump to deliver the correct insulin dose.

Other features include:

  • Small and light. Weighing only 62g, it’s easy to carry and hidden in clothing
  • Complete remote control with your smartphone
  • Both Android and iOS applications
  • A large 300 unit reservoir
  • Water-resistant
  • Integrated glucose metre in the remote control, no need to carry a separate device. This automatically and wirelessly shares results with the DANA pump, saving you time and effort
  • Bolus increments from as little as 0.05 units
  • Remote control with a display and control panel that shows continuous blood glucose monitoring
  • Clear LCD display, the largest display screen of any pump available
  • Bolus calculation: The remote control communicates your blood glucose results wirelessly. This allows you to calculate your bolus dose automatically and adjust your basal dose if necessary
  • You can give a bolus remotely and discreetly without disturbing clothing
  • Vibration alerts and alarms

What is the DANA Diabecare IIS insulin pump?

The DANA Diabecare IIS insulin pump is an affordable, intuitive insulin pump that has been used by more than 50,000 patients worldwide. It is easy to use, reliable and effective.

DANA Diabecare IIS insulin pump features

  • Affordable and reliable
  • Smaller, lighter and easier to wear than its competitors
  • Icon-based interface making the DANA IIS intuitive and easy to program
  • Clear, backlit LCD display- the largest display screen of any pump available
  • Bolus from 0.05 units
  • Large 300 unit reservoir






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