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How to access Insulin Pumps?

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What is a Tandem Insulin pump?

  • The t:slim X2 insulin pump — innovative and effective 
  • 38% smaller than other pumps  
  • Watertight case and touchscreen controller  

Tandem Diabetes Care has developed the innovative t:slim X2 insulin pump to help you effectively manage your blood glucose levels.  

The Tandem insulin pump is up to 38% smaller than other insulin pumps and has a watertight aluminium case. The touchscreen controller is easy to use, shatter-resistant, and full colour.  

You can use the t:slim X2 insulin pump alone or integrate it with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to create an advanced hybrid closed-loop system. 

How does the Tandem Insulin pump work?

  • Insulin is provided continuously through flexible tubing 
  • The infusion site is changed every two or three days  
  • Integrated bolus calculator 

The t:slim X2 insulin pump delivers a continuous stream of rapid-acting insulin through fine flexible tubing to a small cannula under your skin — and you only need to change the infusion site every two or three days. 

The t:slim X2 pump delivers basal insulin depending on your needs and you can deliver bolus doses using the integrated bolus calculator. 

What is a closed-loop system?

  • A closed-loop system links in with your smartphone  
  • You can monitor and adjust your insulin delivery 
  • Reduce your need for finger-pricking 
  • Automate insulin delivery and live life to the full

A closed-loop system uses an app on your smartphone to automatically adjust the insulin delivery on your pump based on your personal glucose readings from an implanted continual glucose sensor. Also known as an artificial pancreas, this system can automatically adjust your insulin dose in response to the readings and reduce your need for finger-pricking. 

The t:slim X2 pump works with two alternative technologies: 

Control-IQ technology

  • An advanced closed-loop system 
  • Automatically adjusts your insulin delivery 
  • Prevent hypers and hypos 
  • Manually add mealtime boluses 

The t:slim X2 pump can integrate with the G6 implanted CGM through the Control-IQ algorithm to create an advanced closed-loop system. The system automatically adjusts your insulin delivery in response to your CGM readings and helps prevent hypers and hypos whilst giving you the freedom to add a manual bolus at mealtimes. 

Basal-IQ technology

  • Cutting-edge technology  
  • Basal-IQ technology runs in the background 
  • Uses your readings to predict hypos 
  • You will still need to actively manage your diabetes 

This technology uses readings from the G6 CGM to predict hypos and reduce the frequency and duration of hypoglycaemic events. The system constantly operates in the background and Basal- IQ can suspend insulin if your levels drop to 3.9 mmol or lower. It can also stop if your levels are predicted to fall below 4.4 mmol per litre. 

Although the technology can help you control your blood glucose levels,  and reduce the need for finger pricking, it’s important to remember that you still need to actively manage your diabetes. You will need to input information, monitor data, finger prick to check readings and respond to your diabetes symptoms — treating them according to your specialist’s advice. 

Advantages of the Tandem insulin pump

  • Discreet: 38% smaller than other pumps 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Bright touchscreen 
  • Four-year warranty  
  • Software updates 


The t:slim X2 insulin pump is slim and discreet. Although it is up to 38% smaller than other pumps, the reservoir can hold up to 300 units of insulin. The intuitive colour touchscreen is easy to read when you are used to using your smartphone. The pump’s advantages include:  

  • Rechargeable battery: The device is recharged conveniently via a micro-USB port 
  • Large colour touchscreen: Bright, clear and easy-to-read interface 
  • Custom settings: You can create up to six personal profiles 
  • Integrated bolus calculator: Calculator that records carbohydrates to help with accurate bolus delivery 
  • Watertight construction: The device is waterproof down to a depth of 0.91 meters for 30 minutes 
  • Four-year warranty 
  • Remote software updates: You can update the t:slim X2 insulin pump’s software remotely using your personal computer during the warranty 
  • Zero fingersticks: When integrated with the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor, the device can reduce your need for uncomfortable finger pricking 
  • You can upload data so that your diabetes team can review patterns and make changes to your pump settings if necessary 

Where can you buy the Tandem insulin pump in the UK?

While getting an insulin pump on the NHS is possible, you might not be eligible for the pump of your choice. Contact us at The London Diabetes Centre for a personalised assessment and to find out if you are suitable for a Tandem pump.

At The London Diabetes Centre, we’re proud to provide rapid access to a comprehensive range of the latest technology and devices for diabetes management and we’ll help you choose the perfect pump for you.

Tandem insulin pump costs

Insulin pump costs for pumps such as the Tandem insulin pump start at £1,000 for the pump, with additional costs required to cover consumables such as infusion sets, cartridges and CGMs if required. Costs vary from pump to pump and we do not encourage patients to choose the suitability of a pump on price alone. Book an appointment with a member of our specialist team so we can help you choose the right pump for your needs.

Private diabetes clinics

  • Private diabetes clinics can give support and access to insulin pumps 
  • The London Diabetes Centre is a leading provider of pump technology 
  •  Rapid access to a choice of pumps 
  • Support throughout your journey

A private diabetes clinic like The London Diabetes Centre provides expert assessment, thorough training and access to the most cutting-edge insulin pumps. The London Diabetes Centre will tailor your training so that you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the most of your pump and control your diabetes. 




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