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Jen Pichierri

Jen is one of our diabetes specialist nurses who specialises in the care of children and young adults. 

About Jen

Jen is one of our diabetes nurse specialists, she specialises in the care of children and young adults. She is a registered sick children’s nurse with a wide range of experience, including working overseas for various aid agencies. Jen has over 10 years’ experience working as a children’s diabetes nurse. Before coming to the London Diabetes Centre she worked with the child and adolescent diabetes service at University College Hospital London. Jen’s role is to provide advice, support, information and teaching for children and young adults and their families/carers.

The role of a diabetes nurse specialist is broad and far reaching, it includes teaching patients and their families/carers, school staff, starting children and young people on insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors, reviewing treatment options, optimising diabetes treatment, reviewing BG levels and sensor data and most of all promoting and supporting autonomous self-management. Jen’s passion is to help you to be “the best version of yourself”!

Jen is up to date with the latest CGM, pumps and diabetes technology. Jen has also written a number of articles.