Covid 19 Infection Control Measures at London Diabetes Center

27.01.2022 Update

Whilst there is some government relaxation of Covid regulations in public areas London Medical, as a health care provider, will continue with the following Covid Infection Control measures. 

COVID-19 Omicron variant cases continue at a high level and our procedures are intended to safeguard Patients Staff, Allied Health Care Professionals and Consultants 

To ensure the safety and protection of London Medical patients, consultants and staff during the Covid 19 Pandemic, specific infection control procedures have been put in place for all patients, accompanying persons and visitors attending the clinic for consultations, investigations, treatments, medication collection or any other reason. 

It is important that every patient and every accompanying person understands and agrees to comply with London Medical’s Infection control measures at the time of making their appointment and throughout their visit to the clinic. 


Pre-Appointment Criteria 

Patients must be completely asymptomatic free of fever, cough, altered smell or taste, or breathing difficulties. 

They must not be self-isolating due to symptomatic family members. 

Patients who have had recent Covid 19 symptoms or have tested positive for Covid 19 must be symptom free prior to their visit to London Medical and have tested negative on LFT

Patients may attend with one relative or carer. Parents of children under 18 years may both attend.


On arrival at London Medical 

Please bring a mask if you have one. If you or your accompanying person arrive and are not wearing your own mask you will be issued masks to wear immediately upon arrival and throughout your appointment visit.


During you're London Medical appointment visit

Seating has been arranged for your safety and comfort and to ensure social distancing.

All disinfection measures have been enhanced, including increasing the number of hand sanitiser stations.

Hand sanitisers can be found throughout our hospitals and clinics.  Please use these handwashing zones regularly. You should wash your hands, thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds.

Please do not move around the clinic unnecessarily 

Our doctors, nurses and HCPs will all be wearing PPE whilst looking after you. This is to protect both you and the team. 


Patients traveling from outside the UK

Please see the attached GOV.UK guidelines