Are you satisfied with the level of diabetes care you are receiving?

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  • Developed by specialist Diabetes consultants at The London Diabetes Centre, the form has been compiled to help review various levels of care across the diabetes spectrum.
  • Our free self-assessment survey will provide you with a detailed report that assesses the strengths of your current care plan, and identifies additional actions you may want to consider, which you may not be aware of, or which may not be covered by your current Diabetes care provider.
NOTE: This is not a clinical assessment tool, it does not attempt to diagnose your Diabetes and is not a replacement for clinical expertise. Based on many years of experience of our consultants, the survey assesses the components of your current care plan and helps you understand all the care options that may be relevant. Please be aware that a low score does not in any way imply that the care you are receiving is poor. It does mean however, that there may be additional actions you could consider to enhance your short or long term care.
Which service provides your main Diabetes Healthcare?
Which type of Diabetes do you have?
How old are you?
How many years since you were diagnosed with diabetes?
Do you see a Diabetes Consultant or GP at most appointments?
Do you feel you received continuity of care? (i.e. the same person most of the time who already knows your history and is familiar with you)
Do you feel that your appointment is sufficiently long to discuss your care in detail and to make a difference to your diabetes care including your personal goals or difficulties?
Are you able to book to see a Diabetes Consultant or GP more regularly if you wish?
Are you able to book to see a Diabetes Specialist Nurse or dietitian more regularly if you wish? (Note: The nurse in the clinic may be a Registered General Nurse which is different from a Diabetes Specialist Nurse?)
Do you use a Continuous Glucose Monitor – CGM (e.g. Dexcom)/Flash Glucose Monitor – FGM (e.g. Libre2) or other technology (e.g. finger prick) to test your glucose levels?
Could you choose which Continuous Glucose Monitor/Flash Glucose Monitor you would use or only what was offered?
Does someone monitor your glucose measurements in between your clinic visits and contact you if necessary? (e.g. e.g. CGM/FGM download, finger prick blood glucose meter, pump downloads)
How do you administer your insulin?
Please can you double check your response. People with Type 1 diabetes must take insulin. If you do not take insulin but have diabetes then you most likely have Type 2 diabetes
Did you have a choice of pump or only what was offered?
Do you have a choice of insulins and have the differences been explained to you?
Is weight control one of your health goals?
Did you know that, if you fit the criteria, there is effective weight management medication you could take which not only helps with your weight and diabetes but also has major benefits for your heart and kidney?
Are you using one of the effective weight management medications?
Are you aware of the use of drugs in addition to insulin to help control diabetes and the reasons why they may be recommended?
Do you have regular tests to assess your risk for an early heart attack? (e.g. carotid ultrasound or coronary artery calcium score)
Is your cholesterol checked regularly and are you being given treatment if it is high?
Do you get feedback that you understand from your NHS eye checks and do you understand how it relates to your medication and diabetes care?
Do you have regular tests to assess if nerves or circulation in your feet has been affected by your diabetes?
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