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International patients

London has an international reputation for medical excellence, and many of our consultants are globally renowned experts in their fields. So it’s no surprise that patients come to London Medical from all over the world, for the very highest standards of joined-up care and the most advanced treatments.

As a result, we’ve acquired a lot of practical experience in helping to make things as straightforward and stress-free as possible for patients from overseas.

That includes speaking your language. As a multilingual clinic, we’ll be happy to provide an interpreter, if you need one.

Paying for your treatment

If your embassy or company is paying, we may have a direct settlement arrangement with them. If so, before you have any treatment at London Medical, you’ll need to provide a signed letter of guarantee from them.

We will then contact them directly for payment, though if they are not paying the full amount, you will be responsible for meeting the outstanding costs.

If you are paying for your own treatment, our team will be happy to advise on ways to pay.

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