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Keep your diabetes under control

Insulin pumps can help you fit diabetes around your life and minimize the risk of long term complications. One of the main reasons why a person with diabetes will choose to have their insulin delivered through a pump is the recent development of methods by which the concurrent glucose levels can control insulin delivery – reacting to prevent hypoglycaemia and to limit glucose rises. The London Diabetes Centre offers the latest cutting-edge pumps from Medtronic, Omnipod, Tandem, Ypsomed, Accuchek, Dana and Medtrum alongside a tailored training programme and the support you need to get your diabetes under control.

An insulin pump is a battery operated device that delivers small amounts of insulin into the bloodstream twenty-four hours a day. The insulin dose can be modified to match your body’s needs, offering more flexibility around meals, fewer hypos and more stable blood glucose levels.

The pump is attached to the body by a tiny tube, called a cannula. It is inserted just under the skin and needs to be changed regularly. The pump delivers a steady background or basal level of insulin, you can add more, as a bolus, at mealtimes using the device.

The right insulin pump can allow you to take control of your diabetes and live life to the full. NHS restrictions mean that many people in the UK are unable to get a pump, or may be offered a device that doesn’t best meet their needs. The London Diabetes Centre provides expert assessment, a wide-range of the most up-to-date pumps and the education needed to ensure you can use the pump properly.

Why choose The London Diabetes Centre?


28 years’ experience

The London Diabetes Centre is the UK’s leading private specialist diabetes centre. The clinic offers unparalleled expertise in diagnosing, treating and managing all types of diabetes.

The London Diabetes Centre offers the latest diabetes treatments and technologies in a state-of-the-art clinic in central London. The expert multidisciplinary team are skilled in caring for the physical and psychological impacts of this complex condition. With a holistic approach they offer exceptional care and therapeutic excellence, as well as the education and long-term support needed to allow each individual to live well with diabetes.


Access to the latest drugs and treatments

The London Diabetes Centre rapidly responds to research and offers new drugs and technology often unavailable in the NHS. Adults, parents and children with diabetes travel from across the globe for the experienced diabetologists, exceptional knowledge and access to leading-edge insulin pumps and sensors.

The London Diabetes Centre has a dedicated pharmacy service. It stocks a range of equipment and devices for diabetes care. Meters, strips, lancets, pumps, glucose sensors and the latest medicines and insulin formulations can be dispensed, even if they are difficult to source elsewhere.

One-stop care

The London Diabetes Centre provides every aspect of diabetes care, under one roof. From the eyes to the heart, kidneys and feet, the effects of diabetes can be far-reaching. The London Diabetes Centre provides screening services and treatments by world-leading experts. In addition to twelve renowned consultant diabetologists, the team also includes top vascular surgeons, cardiologists, nephrologists, ophthalmologists and specialist diabetes nurses, educators, dietitians and chiropodists to provide truly comprehensive diabetes care.

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Make an enquiry online using this form and one of our team will be in touch. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by our team.

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Treating diabetes

Diabetes stems from one of two issues. The first (type 1) is that your pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, meaning you don’t get enough glucose in the blood.

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