Life-changing Artificial Pancreas News For Everyone With Type 1 Diabetes

You may have read the recent news that nearly 900 NHS patients with type 1 diabetes in England are testing a potentially life-changing hybrid closed loop system, commonly referred to as an artificial pancreas. This can reduce the need for finger prick tests and prevent life-threatening hypoglycaemic attacks, where blood sugar levels fall too low.

The technology relies upon a sensor that is inserted every 10 days or so under the skin that continuously monitors the blood glucose levels so a pump can then automatically adjust the amount of insulin required.

Using a glucose sensor to guide insulin infusion rates in a pump is not new and has been available at the London Diabetes Centre for some time though newer models are coming out all the time with better performance.

With this technology the user still must input carbohydrate values into the pump, depending on what they eat. Their main benefit is to avoid night-time hypoglycaemias, but it is important to stress that input for mealtime insulin boluses is still required.

This way of managing type 1 diabetes which is technology-driven, has been initiated by our population of patients, both children and adults, who want the best solutions for the long-term management of their diabetes. However, it does not suit everyone, but, if you have type 1 diabetes, it’s worthwhile finding out more about this fast-changing area. The new sensors, Dexcom G7 and the Medtronic Guardian 4 sensor are going to be key to making the sensor pump communication work better and a zero tolerance to hypoglycaemia is increasingly a reality that is available.

At the London Diabetes Centre, we have the expertise to guide you in helping you make a choice. There are glucose sensors from Abbott, Medtronic, Dexcom and Medtrum and pumps from Medtronic, Tandem T-Slim, T2 Slim, Ypsomed, Dana, and Medtrum – and very soon, the Omnipod 5. You do not have to wait for an appointment, and, if you can get funding for a pump from the NHS but your training is delayed, we are happy to assist in providing you with the training and support you need privately. We have specialists that work alongside the NHS to give advice on how to manage diabetes.

Technology is not the only answer to good diabetes care, and you may not need it or like it. But if you need support, information, consultations, modern insulins, or sensors – you will find us a resource that may solve some of your problems and give you greater confidence and better outcomes.
Diabetes technology is fast-paced and patients may it find difficult to keep up. The London Diabetes Centre has access to all the latest technology and the expertise to teach, support and advise what would suit you best as an individual.

Through our experience and expertise, we can help to ease the stress of diabetes management for all patients. We know that you’re so much more than just a collection of symptoms and blood sugar readings. We understand that living with a long-term condition can be complicated and overwhelming at times. That’s why we partner with you every step of the journey to help you manage your diabetes and stay that way.

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