Re-opening of The London Diabetes Centre for patient visits

Re-opening of The London Diabetes Centre for patient visits

Whilst we continue to offer remote consultations and home testing for the majority of our services, we recognise that some aspects of patient care require some testing and/or physical examination.


Following the guidance of London NHS hospitals, with effect from the 11th May, the clinic will be open for required routine appointments and diagnostic tests. In line with the latest advice, we will be opening the clinic with strict control measures in place so that we can maintain distancing during your visit.


When you book your appointment we will send you detailed instructions of what will happen on the day of your appointment as this will be different from when you visited the clinic before. In Summary:


1. To visit the clinic you must be completely asymptomatic, free of fever, cough, altered smell or taste, or breathing difficulties. You must not be self-isolating due to symptomatic family members. You may attend with one relative or carer. Only parents of any child under 18 years may both attend. The patient’s carer, relative or child’s parents will not be admitted if they do not meet the above criteria or decline to be assessed.


2. A member of the clinical team will meet you at the clinic entrance. Our nurse will take your temperature and ask you a series of questions. She will do the same for the person accompanying you. If your COVID risk assessment shows you and your accompanying person are symptom-free you will both be directed to a dedicated washroom where you must wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. You will be provided with a new face mask for your visit if you don’t have your own.


3.During your London Medical appointment visit, a member of the team will escort you to your seating area. Seating has been arranged for your safety and so that it complies with the government’s 2-meter social distancing guidelines.


4.Our doctors, nurses and HCPs will all be wearing full PPE whilst looking after you. This is to protect both you and the team.


5.In order to keep your visit to London Medical efficient and allow you to leave as soon as your appointment is complete, we have arranged for billing and future appointments to be carried out remotely. The administration team will contact you on the phone later in the day to confirm payment and any follow-up requirements.


Your health is important to us and we remain here for your support.


If you have missed a follow-up appointment or wish to make a new appointment please contact us.

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Carol Willis - Diabetes Clinic Facilitator

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