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The signs when you wake up in the morning that could signal high blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes can produce perceptible warning signs when blood sugar levels are consistently too high. What warning signs may surface when you wake up in the morning? One example could be waking up with a full bladder. Looking for an outline of the symptoms that may surface in the morning along with a brief explanation of the underlying mechanisms involved.

How might you know you should check for diabetes with symptoms found on waking in the morning? The most obvious might be a dry mouth but you may have suspected something was amiss if you had already spent the night getting up frequently to pass urine and feeling thirsty. The thirst and increased urination of diabetes are well known and occur when blood glucoses are really high. Many of the early symptoms of diabetes are more subtle - or not there at all - it is often called the "silent killer". Some of these include non specific tiredness, drowsiness, blurred vision, sexual difficulties, poor healing of minor wounds, and fungal infections and boils.

But first thing in the morning, it the dry mouth and throat that should alert one to diabetes. In a child, a wet bed signals also the dehydration that may be present.

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