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Second opinion


If you have a diagnosis of diabetes, whether or not you have started treatment, we can help you feel absolutely certain that you are getting the very best treatment options available to you.

This service involves a nurse assessment and a 45 minute appointment with one of our consultants who will be available to answer any questions you have concerning your condition.

What is included?

Nurse Assessment

Height, Weight, Blood Pressure

HbA1c blood test

This is a test routinely used to diagnose and assess average glucose levels over a 3 month period.   At The London Diabetes Centre, a finger prick sample allows us to get the result within 6 minutes before a consultation.


Urine – Alb/cr ratio

This is a urine test which measures albumin leakage in the urine, a sensitive test for early kidney involvement in diabetes.

Also included:

  • Downloading of meter, any CGM device, or insulin pump
  • 45 minute consultation with consultant
  • 60 minute consultation with dietitian or diabetes specialist nurse
  • Written report from consultant

Any prescriptions advised by the consultant are available from our in-house pharmacy; as medication requirements vary from person to person any costs for medications are not included in this package.

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