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Second opinion

Expert second opinions in the comfort of your home to help you improve your diabetes control and safeguard your health.

The London Diabetes Centre provides expert review of your diabetes care by professionals who are leaders in their field. If you are concerned about your care, worried about your blood-glucose control or interested in new therapies and techniques the London Diabetes Centre can provide reassurance that you’re on the best treatment for your needs.

You will have consultations with a highly qualified Diabetes specialist consultant and Diabetes specialist dietician. These will give an insight into your nutrition, diabetes, and general health. They will provide a detailed report, which, if needed, will include a revised care plan to improve your diabetes control.

Support Plans

Remote Plan - £295

Second Opinion is a comprehensive review of your diabetes care.

The Second Opinion does not include pathology investigations.

What’s included:

A 30-minute consultation with an experienced Diabetes specialist consultant including a review of your medical history and clinical treatment.

A 30-minute consultation with a dietician or diabetes specialist nurse.

Expert analysis of CGM and blood tests previously performed by your GP or hospital diabetes team.

Detailed report.

Individual care-plan and recommendations for treatment, depending on the results of the review.



3-month plan
9 calls
6-month plan
19 calls
12-month plan
42 calls

How does it work?

Choose the remote support plan that best fits your needs. You can book and pay for your chosen support plan on our website or app.

Download our user-friendly London Medical MyCare App. Register and complete the health questionnaire to ensure your expert team has all your relevant health information.

If included in your package, you’ll receive a blood testing kit to your home. This kit is what is required for a medical professional to take the necessary blood sample. You can arrange for the blood sample to be taken at a Superdrug Nurse Clinic Centre by following the instructions before you send the sample to our partner pathology lab. Alternatively you may have access to another phlebotomy service which is equally suitable. Please note there is a fee of £30 to pay at the Superdrug Nurse Clinic Centre.

Think of the app as your diabetes treatment hub. Launch the app to make appointments, join any remote consultations, access useful information and receive your test results and weekly updates.


Remote care from the London Diabetes Centre is simple to use and gives you full access to our expert team from your home

The London Diabetes Centre is the UK’s top private clinic for diabetes. With more than twenty-five years’ experience, the clinic offers world-leading expertise in the diagnosis, management and care of people living with all types of diabetes.

The London Diabetes Centre offers a range of remote packages so that you can access cutting-edge diabetes care in your own home. The expert consultant diabetologists, dieticians and diabetes specialist nurses work together to provide exceptional care, the latest treatments and education to help each individual control their condition, prevent long-term complications and live well with diabetes.

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