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What is diabetes

In this area of the site, we look briefly at what diabetes is and explain in a little more detail how the UK’s largest and leading private diabetes clinic can provide you with highly personalised ongoing care and support, however, your condition affects you now or in the future. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Diabetes is a complex and multi-faceted life-long condition that can affect virtually every part of your body. But with the right care, provided by an expert team, there’s no reason why it should prevent you from leading a healthy and fulfilling life…

Diabetes is the disease that results when there is an excess of the essential sugar – glucose – in the blood.

Glucose is essential for normal brain function, so evolution has given us a complex system which controls how much of it is available at any time. Insulin, created in the pancreas, sits at the heart of this system.

People with diabetes either don’t produce insulin, or don’t produce enough insulin, or are resistant to the action of insulin.

A manageable condition

Diabetes can’t be cured, but you can learn to manage the condition, and live healthily with it.

The most important ways of keeping your glucose levels under control are to monitor them, to lose weight, take more regular exercise, and use the right medication in correct dosage.

By controlling blood glucose levels, the complications of diabetes – such as kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and blindness – can be prevented, delayed or eased.



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