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Dr Billy White



Consultant with a speciality in adolescent diabetes and obesity, particularly interested in technology and how we best use it to control diabetes.

About Billy

Billy is a Consultant in Adolescent Diabetes at UCLH, the UK’s top performing child and adolescent diabetes team. He went to Bristol University Medical School and trained in London. He gained his PhD from UCL.

Billy leads the UCLH diabetes transition programme. This aims to help prepare teenagers for becoming successful and independent adults, including going away to university, drinking alcohol safely, driving and not letting diabetes interfere with jobs.


Dr Billy White is a consultant in paediatric and adolescent diabetes and obesity.

Billy is lead consultant in the UCLH paediatric diabetes team, the leading London NHS service for type 1 diabetes. The UCLH team are at the forefront of UK diabetes treatment, including trials for the newest pump technology and immunotherapy (e.g. templizumab) to extend the honeymoon period. He is particularly interested in technology and finding the right solution for each patient.

Billy leads the regional obesity service at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He chairs the national type 2 diabetes working group and led recent national guideline development for type 2 diabetes. He is a member of the NICE obesity committee.

Billy trained as a general paediatrician and adolescent specialist and can support young people where there are other heath needs making diabetes control difficult, such as mental health difficulties.


His area of research is adolescent weight management and he leads the UCLH adolescent “Health Weight” Service. His PhD investigated the outcomes of treatments available from doctors that control weight. He is an honorary senior lecturer at UCL and is a popular lecturer.