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Medtrum is a medical technology company dedicated to developing innovative insulin pumps and simplifying diabetes management.

Medtrum developed the world’s first tubeless insulin pump with continuous glucose monitor (CGM) integration. Moving on from the ground-breaking Medtrum A6 insulin pump, the TouchCare® Nano System is the next generation of insulin patch pumps. It is a revolutionary insulin delivery system that can be controlled by a smartphone.

What do Medtrum insulin pumps do?

Medtrum insulin pumps are electronic devices that deliver insulin into your body twenty-four hours a day. The Medtrum A6 and TouchCare® Nano are patch pumps that attach directly to your body without cumbersome tubes. They deliver insulin under your skin through a fine cannula.

A Medtrum insulin pump can free you from multiple daily injections with up to three days of continuous insulin delivery. The pump system can integrate with your continuous glucose monitor seamlessly and without calibration, helping you manage your diabetes, stabilise your blood sugars and protect your future health.

What is the Medtrum TouchCare® Nano System?

The Medtrum TouchCare® Nano System is the next generation of tubeless insulin pumps. It is the smallest, lightest and most flexible tube-free insulin pump. It can integrate with the Nano CGM simply and seamlessly, with an auto-suspend function if you have a hypo.

The TouchCare® Nano System is the first and only tubeless insulin pump that can be controlled using a smartphone, allowing you to access data, administer bolus doses and adjust your basal insulin remotely.

Medtrum TouchCare® Nano System features

  • The TouchCare® Nano pump is the smallest and lightest tubeless insulin pump on the market
  • The pump is worn directly on the body anywhere where you would inject insulin. The device is discreet and easily hidden by clothing
  • Tubeless insulin patch pump, no tubes to tangle or snag on objects
  • Easy to programme and change your insulin requirements
  • 200 unit reservoir that can last up to three days
  • Easy bolus administration using your smartphone, the PDM or the button on the side of the patch pump
  • Waterproof, so it’s safe to swim, shower or bathe with the pump on
  • Flexibility to control the insulin pump with a smartphone app or a wireless personal diabetes manager (PDM) according to your preference
  • The wireless PDM handset is small, lightweight and easy to use with one hand
  • Medtrum’s EasyPatch App allows complete smartphone control meaning you don’t need to carry another device
  • CGM integration: There is the option to integrate with the TouchCare® Nano CGM. The pump continuously uses data from the CGM to detect hypos. It automatically suspends insulin delivery and resumes insulin administration when glucose levels begin to rise
  • PLGS function: The cutting-edge predictive low glucose suspend (PLGS) function uses data from the CGM to predict a hypo. This semi-closed-loop system anticipates a hypo, stopping insulin delivery before it happens and preventing a dangerous low. This feature is particularly beneficial if you suffer hypos overnight or without warning, but it can reduce the strain of living with diabetes for all users
  • Future-proof insulin pump technology: Medtrum upgrades users to the next generation product when they become available so that you’re not left with old technology
  • The system is prepared for Hybrid Closed Loop (HCL) technology. The Nano Pump, Nano CGM and a custom algorithm APGO work together to adjust insulin delivery automatically in response to your CGM readings
  • The pump, App and CGM are all supplied by one company, making supplies, servicing and support easy and stress-free

How can I try a Medtrum insulin pump?

Medtrum products are widely available across the UK through the NHS and private healthcare providers. You can buy pumps, CGM and download the App through the Medtrum website.

You can request a demo pump to try at home for size and comfort. The trial includes cannula insertion, so you can get a real feel for what’s involved.

Using a Medtrum insulin pump

Medtrum and your diabetes team will help you understand how to programme your pump, calculate your insulin needs and administer boluses with mealtimes.

You can use the PDM or the EasyPatch App on your smartphone to set the background or basal level of insulin. If you have different insulin requirements at different times of the day or night, you can set multiple basal rates, including zero rates if necessary. The basal insulin continues even if you move away from your PDM or smartphone. You can add a bolus remotely or use a button on the side of the pump if you don’t have your smartphone or PDM to hand.


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