Accu-Chek Insulin Pump

How to access Insulin Pumps?

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Accu-Chek Insulin Pump

Accu-chek insulin pumps are produced by Roche Diabetes Care. The company has more than 30 years of experience in insulin pump therapy. They state that:

Our purpose is to support people at every step of their journey with diabetes, helping them to live a less restricted life.

An insulin pump system and the supporting technology can help you manage your diabetes more easily. Accu-chek offers three different insulin pump systems:

Accu-Chek Solo micropump

The Accu-Chek Solo is an insulin micropump system. The micropump is small and placed directly on the body. The sleek and convenient design frees you from conventional insulin pump tubing, which can snag and catch.

The key features of the Accu-Chek Solo include:

  • Small, light and discreet device
  • Tube-free design
  • Placed directly on the body, making it easy to hide under clothing
  • Flexible: you decide where to wear the device. You can place the pump on many different infusion sites, anywhere you would typically inject insulin
  • Easy to control: you can deliver insulin boluses using the diabetes manager handset or directly through the pump
  • Modular design: You replace the disposables, not the pump
  • Easy to use Diabetes Manager with easy access to critical features through the status screen. There are up to five basal rate profiles, a bolus advisor that helps with calculations, an integrated and illuminated test strip port for blood sugar monitoring
  • And an MDI mode that lets you temporarily switch to an insulin pen without losing important data
  • Unique features to help you keep your glucose levels within your target range, including snack size, offset time and meal rise

Accu-Chek Combo

The Accu-Chek Combo insulin pump system is discreet, customisable and easy to use. The system couples an insulin pump with a small, lightweight handset that fits in the palm of your hand.

The features of the Accu-Chek Combo include:

  • Customisable insulin pump menus to meet your insulin needs
  • Insulin reservoir capacity of 315 units and a low hourly basal rate from 0.05 U/hr
  • The pump is waterproof down to 2.5 meters for 60 minutes
  • The handset is small, fitting in the palm of your hand. It has a full-colour display, easy to use menu, integrated bolus advisor and customisable reminders
  • Convenient and discreet bolus administration using the handset
  • There is interactive Bluetooth® communication between the handset and the pump allowing the pump to work automatically, as programmed, or on command
  • You have complete remote control over the function and can clearly view pump status and activity on the handset
  • Data transfer: Accu-Chek 360° software lets you transfer data to a computer to save information and observe trends
  • Reminders to support your pump therapy: Pre-set and customisable reminders and warnings allow you to identify errors, blockages, and other problems

Accu-Chek Insight

The Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump has pre-filled cartridges and small bolus increments, making it easy to use. The Accu-Chek Insight is classic, easy and intuitive. There’s no need to carry other digital devices; it works effectively and simply on its own.

For people who want greater control and access to digital data and features, you can discreetly operate the Accu-Chek Insight with the mySugr® app on your Android smartphone. The app features an estimated HbA1c at a glance and automatic data transfer of your glucose values.

The Accu-Chek Insight benefits include:

  • Sleek modern design with smooth rounded edges
  • Pre-filled insulin cartridges for quick and easy use
  • A wide range of cannulas and tube lengths allows you to decide what fits your clothing and lifestyle
  • Low basal insulin rate to suit your individual insulin needs. The device is suitable for children and people who are very sensitive to insulin
  • Range of bolus options and the ability to run boluses in parallel
  • The mySugr app allows you to give a bolus as quickly and discreetly as sending a text message.
  • Use the mySugr app to access the Open Bolus Advisor to help you calculate your bolus dosage
  • See and store all your data from continuous glucose monitoring, blood glucose meters and your pump in one app
  • You can rapidly share your data with your diabetes team during check-ups

Where can you buy Accu-Chek pumps?

The NHS provides most insulin pumps in the UK. However, there are strict eligibility criteria, and you may not be able to get the latest device. If you can’t get the pump you want on the NHS, you can buy an Accu-Chek pump privately online or through a specialist diabetes clinic.

Online pump purchase

You can buy an insulin pump online through the Accu-Chek website. There is also information and guidance about pump usage and the innovative mySugr® app. When purchasing a pump, it’s essential to consider whether your NHS diabetes team will support your insulin pump therapy. recommends that you arrange how you will receive ongoing care before you purchase an insulin pump. If you need private diabetes care, discuss your needs with your specialist team before buying a pump. They can assess your needs and consider your lifestyle and preferences before recommending suitable pumps for your diabetes and your budget.

How much does an insulin pump cost?

The cost of buying an insulin pump privately will depend on the model you choose. Pumps usually cost between £2000 and £3000 and should last between four and eight years.

As well as the pump system, you will also need to budget for other consumable items, which can include infusion sets, replacement pods or cartridges for patch pumps, cannulas or insertion sets and adhesive or tape. Your insulin will still be prescribed, free of charge, on the NHS.

Private diabetes clinics

A private diabetes clinic like The London Diabetes Centre provides expert assessment, training and access to the most cutting edge insulin pumps as well as more basic and affordable options.

The London Diabetes Centre will customise your training so that you have the education and confidence to make the most of your pump and control your diabetes.


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